Beating Depression – Mental Health

Beating Depression – Mental Health

Life at times can get you down, but then there are times where you feel like you’re being swallowed whole by a darkness you cannot even begin to comprehend. Every part of your life suffers, you struggle just to get out of bed each day. You stop hanging out with friends, you cut off family. You may even lose your job because you just can’t function anymore. You feel sad, hopeless, and worthless. You may have even gotten to the point where you begin to contemplate taking your own life.

Getting help for mental health issues is damn hard. You look fine on the outside, but on the inside, you are a bomb waiting to explode. Friends and family may tell you to just “get over it” or to “snap out of it” – pfft! Like it’s that easy. Even psychologists and psychiatrists can give you the vibe that they don’t believe you. Like you are faking it or something. It’s very frustrating. Not to mention the stigma attached to mental health issues.  These factors alone are enough to keep most people from seeking help.

Luckily there is a different option… there is help out there that is not only cheaper than a psychiatrist but also more understanding and more committed to helping you through it without forcing you to pop pills that’ll only make you feel like a walking zombie. People who have” been there, done that and lived to tell about it” – Yes, I’m talking about Health Coaches.

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Health coaches are amazing because unlike many psychiatrists or therapists who’ve never personally dealt with depression, health coaches HAVE been there, so they sympathize and they understand exactly what you are going through. Depression, mental illness, and addiction are very hard to understand unless you’ve walked a mile in those shoes. So who better to help you? You want someone in your corner who truly believes in you and knows you can fight the seemingly endless battle because they themselves have fought and won!

Psychiatrists and therapists have their place. Don’t get me wrong. For people battling major mental illness that absolutely need medication – they should most certainly be seeing a professional. A coach can help sure, but a coach alone will not suffice. If you’re not sure if a coach is right for you, you should definitely inquire. There is no harm in asking. A good coach will know their legal limits and know if and when it’s time to suggest a referral to a professional. If you’ve contemplated harming yourself or others, forget everything and drag your ass to the hospital! Don’t make a permanent decision just because you are temporarily down.

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