4 Ways To Get Things Done!

4 Ways To Get Things Done!

Do you find there is not enough time in a day to get everything done? I hear you! Some days I just wish the days be 12 hours longer. Other days (especially weekends) are just too damn short!

 Imagine…. You have a mental (or written) note of all the things that need to get done, it’s Friday afternoon, your weekend starts in an hour! You’re all geared up to complete your list of things you need to get done… You get home, make dinner for the family and then it hits you – sudden exhaustion. You flop down in front of the TV or sit down at the computer and surf your favorite social media sites… no worries – you’ve got the whole weekend to get things done! Saturday you wake up, set out to begin working on your list, then get side tracked by life, work, family, technology. Next thing you know, Saturday is gone. Saturday repeats over Sunday and before you know it you’re back at work on Monday and almost nothing got done… Sound familiar?
This used to happen to me all too often. The worst is getting side tracked… there are a million things that will side track you. My biggest issue is my computer. I still struggle with it. If I’m working on a project, a clients file or just need Google Maps for a clients address; all of a sudden I am firmly planted in my chair, scrolling through Facebook, and 45 minutes have passed. It’s bloody annoying and I get mad at myself sometimes because I can easily waste an entire day on the computer.

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How do we make this stop? Here are 4 Ways To Get Things Done!
1) Start Small!!  Don’t make a list that is a mile long. You will automatically find yourself overwhelmed which will lead to procrastination. Maybe give yourself only 1 or 2 tasks for each day of the weekend –  and maybe only 1 task every other day during the week. This way you can complete up to 7 tasks in a full week instead of expecting to complete them all in one day. This will reduce feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed.

2) Stop Procrastinating!! Easier said than done, I know! I know! It’s so easy to procrastinate. Maybe you’re overwhelmed, maybe your procrastinating out of fear, may it’s just out of sheer laziness, or maybe you are a habitual procrastinator. Stop. Think. Why? What are your reasons for procrastinating? Once you understand your reasons, only then can you really put an end to procrastination. Baby steps. Keep in mind, you didn’t wake up one day and suddenly you’re a habitual procrastination – it takes time and conditioning. As such, you cannot expect to unlearn procrastination in a day. It can take weeks or months even. Patience, consistency, and determination are key here.

3) Avoid Technology!! If you know you have things to do, the absolute worst thing you can do is jump on your phone/tablet/computer or sit down to watch TV. Technology has its purpose. Unfortunately, it is also the #1 reason people get distracted, lose focus and lose time. Save it for after your done your tasks for the day. Here is will habit breaking will occur… “But I always wake up, have my coffee while reading the news online” – Well, why not wake up, make coffee, have breakfast, tackle your task for the day THEN read your news online. You have to find alternatives. You and your phone / TV/ Computer are not joined at the hip. You can and you will survive without it for a bit.

4) Time Management & Schedules!! We are habitual creatures. We like routine, even if you think you don’t, deep down – you unknowingly do. Creating a new routine is one of the best ways to help with time management and schedules. Sticking to it is the hard part. Don’t be hard on yourself, remember it takes between 30-90 days to re-work brain patterns. Baby steps will also help.

 So there you have it! Now what are you waiting for?!? GET MOVING

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