My Choice Point

My Choice Point

I was recently asked… What is your purpose? What is your passion?

I sat there and really thought about it. What do I love? I love helping people, I love educating people. I used to think I should have been a therapist because I was always the one people would run to when things got rough, looking for advice, looking for help.

But now I find myself focused on healing. I would love to help people heal. I don’t mean just physically. I mean mind, body and soul. I would love to educate people about nutrition, energy, spiritual cleansing and learning to love yourself and achieving happiness. I want to educate people about the power of positivity. I want to empower people through meditation, yoga, exercise. I want to coach people through life.

I have come to a Choice Point in my life. I feel drawn to make a decision that will not only help me… but also help others.

Many of us have jobs we are not happy with, or we are in relationships that we feel are unhealthy. Maybe it’s not that at all… maybe we are just tired of being tired. Maybe we feel “fat & disgusting”, maybe we want to self improve, but we just don’t know where to start. I want to help people push past the “I can’t” or the “I don’t knows”. I want to challenge people to change. I want to motivate people to become self-aware. I want to inspire people to become healthy and happy.

This blog is my starting point. Follow me and let me help you. We’ll discuss all sorts of topics from nutrition, to soul healing, mental states, exercise, happiness, and more. Ask questions, get answers. We’ll learn together on this journey. My plan is to post challenges, recipes, how-to’s, advice, and to also post my own personal experiences through my personal journey as I heal my own body, mind and soul.

I’m super excited about this and I hope you are too. Join me as we transform our lives together to reach our maximum potential and be the happiest, healthiest versions of our selves.

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