How to cure Fibromyalgia

How to cure Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a debilitating pain disease that is characterized by widespread pain, diffuse tenderness, and a number of other symptoms including chronic fatigue and mood swings. It affects over 10 million people in North America and is most prevalent in women (a staggering 75-90 percent!).

Most people find little relief with medications and therefore live with this disease their entire lives. However, few people truly understand what is actually going on within the body and while medication may mask the symptoms, it certainly doesn’t cure the disease.

Let’s break it down shall we? Fibromyalgia is pain. Pain is caused by inflammation. According to Dr. Don Colbert (Author of ‘Let Food Be Your Medicine’) “the root of most diseases is due to inflammation from the foods we eat”. Sounds too simple, doesn’t it?

I didn’t know if this way entirely true, so I began to seek out people who suffered from Fibromyalgia. I spoke with 2 women specifically who both suffered terribly from this disease and they both made one change. Just one. And while one lady said her pain was reduced from a 10 to a 2 on a daily basis (and getting better every day), the other lady I spoke with no longer has any pain at all! She effectively cured her Fibromyalgia.

HOW DID THEY DO IT??personal-statement.png

All they did was switch their diet. That is all. They switched from the typical Western Diet to the Whole Foods Plant Based Diet and within days they both began to notice a huge reduction in their pain. For lady #2 – it has since been several years, she is still eating plant based and she is still pain free. Incredible!

Why would you want to suffer, spend your hard earned money on medications that barely work, when really, all you have to do is change the foods you eat and live pain-free?

“But I like my sweets”    
“But I like my meats” 
But is it worth the pain? 

Of course it’s not worth the pain. Besides, eating healthy doesn’t mean eating bland, boring foods. But eating a Whole Food Plant Based diet does mean you get your life back, pain free. So why not save your money on medications that don’t work and change your diet instead!

Not sure where to begin? Contact me and let’s talk! Together we can get you and your health back on track!

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