Say Cheese!

Say Cheese!
Photo Credit: Zengarry Fauxmage

So here at home we are very much against anything unhealthy, including dairy. Not for medical reasons (like allergies or intolerance) but rather for health reasons. Milk, dairy, eggs – they are just not good for us. They are simply not designed for human consumption. So my family and I, being completely health conscious and only wanting to put nutritious, healthy foods into our bodies, we have been looking for an alternative for our biggest obsession…. Cheese!

So thanks to a very informative night a few weeks ago at St-Paul’s University – it was loosely explained that cheese is particularly addictive because it contains large amounts of casein. This protein (that makes up 80% of cows milk) can trigger the brain’s opioid receptors which are linked to addiction. So – when someone says “OMG I LOVE cheese, like I am ADDICTED to cheese!” chances are, they are probably right!

In our family – cheese was HUGE – we love it, we are (were) addicted to it. It was the last thing holding us from a true vegan / planet-based diet. I didn’t want to give up the yummy goodness that is cheese. But I knew we had to. So I went on the hunt. I was very weary about trying vegan cheeses as pretty much everything I’ve heard about them is terrible.

We just recently had a local event this past weekend called VegFest – Yes, it is exactly how it sounds. A glorious festival celebrating all things vegetables, veganism, vegetarianism, plant based eating, with a wonderful exposé of local vendors who create and sell related products. It’s bloody amazing!

This year, I learned through VegFast about ZenGarry Cheese. I was seriously on the fence about trying it because I’ve never heard anything good about vegan cheeses, and to be made out of cashews, I thought – ew, I dont want cheese that tastes nutty.

Anyways, so I start searching online about ZenGarry Cheese and I’m finding nothing but rave review after rave review. Huh! Alright, well – let’s give this a go. It can’t be that awful if there are so many good reviews.

So last night , here I am all excited – like a kid in a candy shop, travelling half way across town to my favorite natural / health food store in rush hour traffic, to get some cheese (and wraps lol)…. all the while thinking “this better be worth it!!”

I got the cheese, I got the wraps and I went home to make dinner for the Fam-Jam. So I get home and right away I rip open the package, pop the lid of and (because I can’t help myself) I dip my finger into this jalapeno flavored, dairy-free cashew cheese.

                                                                                                                                                     Photo Credit: Zengarry Fauxmage5827550_orig.jpeg

I am so not exaggerating when I say it was love at first bite. OMG! SOOO GOOD!

This is probably the most delicious cheese I have ever tasted. Not even kidding. I found a recipe on their site to make queso. Click here for the recipe. I made the queso and made my yummy vegan wraps (click for my Vegan Queso Wrap recipe).


Unfortunately, for the time being, Zengarry Cheese only ships within Canada, however, if you’re willing to go the extra mile – if you live close to the Ontario Border – come on over and get your hands on some! If you live in Canada and haven’t tried their cheese yet – what are you waiting for??!?! It is a little expensive, sure – but worth every single penny, I can assure you that.

Visit their website and find a local store to better serve you! I can’t stress enough just how badly you NEED to try this lol.

Next up – I’m going back tonight to get the Herb & Garlic flavored cheese and the Gruyère Style cheese. I’m also considering the pub cheddar that they make… MmmMm – Yummy! I’m so excited lol. I can’t wait to try them all!

So needless to say, after trying this amazing product – I sent in a testimonial to the company. I had gushed about how amazing this cheese is. Lynda was having a rough day and seemed quite thankful of my testimonial. It wasn’t until this morning when I was on Facebook that I realized just how thankful she was. She’s a small business owner – it’s not a HUGE corporation that makes this product. When I read that my testimonial brought tears to her eyes, I got goosebumps and I couldn’t stop smiling (like a big goof) at my computer screen. Supporting local is so important. I can’t stress this enough either.

Zengarry cheese is absolutely amazing and has definitely made me a customer for life. Try it, love it, and become a customer for life too!

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