Why You Need A Health Coach!

Why You Need A Health Coach!

Medical doctors, GPs, dieticians, nutritionists, and nutrition coaches…

When it comes to your health and weight there are so many people to choose from. Who should you see?
Which one is best suited for your needs? Well, let’s break it down for you and maybe help you decide.

Medical Drs & GPs – I have a fantastic doctor (GP actually) who takes great care of me and my family when I am sick (which almost never happens). He’s quite knowledgeable about illnesses and medications because that is his job. In reality, Drs and GPs actually get little to no nutritional training whatsoever, which is astounding when you think about it since they are (after all) in med school for a good long time. But when it comes to your health, they really only know what Big Pharma tells them. They are in a legal sense, not much more than simple drug dealers with a Ph.D. lol. I’m not saying they don’t care, they do! But they are also forced to push medications to help, not to cure. If you’re looking for advice on health via nutrition, you may want to steer clear of your GP because chances are they have no idea on how to help you.

Dietitians & Nutritionists – They are full of knowledge when it comes to your health and diet, it’s what they do! They are in the business of curing AND prevention. They are fantastic for offering diet plans and nutritional information, but can often lack when it comes to guiding, goal setting, empowering, mentoring and motivating. They may follow you for a week or a month, or worse, they may hook you up with a diet plan and then send you on your merry way. If you plan on changing your lifestyle, you need something more than just a diet plan.

Nutrition Coach – Now, I’m a little bias I admit (being a nutritional coach myself) but a nutrition coach is definitely the way to go. They are highly knowledgeable like dietitians and nutritionists, they have (or should have) educational backgrounds in nutrition, but they also step up to guide you, mentor you and motivate you – usually on a program where you spend a rather large amount of time with them (usually a 3 month minimum is best). While they cannot offer a diet plan, this is just as well because nutritional coaches know that hoping onto a “diet” is not the way to go. We work with our clients to not only transition you into a healthy new lifestyle, we go above and beyond and guide you towards self-love and happiness which creates an overall sense of purpose for you, their clients. This, in-turn creates a much higher client success rate than both GPs and Dietitians/Nutritionists combined. The difference as well is that most coaches have been EXACTLY where you are, so they can sympathize with your plight and will have a means to help you BECAUSE they’ve been where you are.

I personally focus on plant-based methods with my clients because it’s been proven time and time again that a plant based diet is the healthiest diet a human being can eat. Nurture your body and mind with the proper foods. Cut ties with sugar, meat, processed foods, and white flour.

Sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it? With the help of a coach the transition is difficult sure, I’m not going to sugar coat it, but your coach is there to support you, hear you, empower you, mentor you and motivate you to achieve the lifestyle you’ve only ever dreamed of.

You CAN do it, with the help of a health and nutrition coach.

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For more information, please contact me. I offer my services both locally and globally (via Skype).

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