Plant-Based Diet

Plant-Based Diet

I am a huge advocate for eating a plant-based diet. To me, it only makes sense. While eating plant-based may not be for everyone and it is certainly not a cure all – it definitely is a (proven) way to maintain a healthy body, mind and soul. It has been shown that eating a plant-based diet can reverse diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

Taking a long hard look at our food is challenging in today’s society for most. We want to believe that meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, sugar and flour are all good for you – we feel we have to believe it because it’s in EVERYTHING! Not so.

Take processed meats for example. In 2015 the Who Health Organization (WHO) classified processed meats as a Group 1 carcinogen – meaning there is a huge link between cancer and processed meats. You know what else is a group 1 carcinogen? Cigarettes and even worse… Plutonium! Yup! That’s right! 1 slice of processed meat per day is equated to smoking 5 cigarettes per day. How is this stuff even allowed to be sold without labels?!

When you think about it, the strongest land creatures on this planet (elephants, rhinos, gorillas, hippos, giraffes, buffalo, moose) they all have one thing in common – besides being big and strong – they are all herbivores. They all eat plant-based diets. Coincidence? I think not.

I am a person who likes to work with facts. I also like to discuss the amount of misinformation out there. We take our advice and recommendations from places like The American Heart Association, Diabetes Association, Cancer Foundations – assuming they have our best interests in mind. Meanwhile, behind the curtain – what we don’t know is that these very same institutions are being funded by companies and large producers such as dairy corps, meat corps, sugar corps etc. Don’t believe me? Google is your friend. There is a reason why the meat industry spends over $138 million dollars every year (in the US alone) on lobbying for meat. Even worse, Big Pharma spends over $238 million dollars lobbying for the pharmaceutical industry. Money talks my friend.

Our North American food system is broken. Profits trump health and medication trumps cures. It’s a sad state of affairs really.

My goal as a health & nutrition coach is to educate people, get people thinking again, get people moving again, get people loving themselves again. I want to help people to understand why a plant-based diet is the healthiest way to live.

Some people tend to think that you can become malnourished if you eat a plant based diet. While there is some truth to this, having a well-researched plan and a proper vegan/vegetarian/plant-based diet will provide you with all the Macro nutrients (Carbs, Protein, Fat) & Micro nutrients (Vitamins & Minerals) your body requires in order to be both strong and healthy.

If you are even the slight bit curious, I urge you to contact me. The road to health and happiness is long and hard, but well worth the lessons and rewards along the way. Take back your life, contact me today!

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