Stop counting Calories!

Stop counting Calories!

With a title like that, there are some people who would completely lose their minds! WHAT!?!? Stop counting calories! ARE YOU KIDDING?!?!

Here is my opinion on the matter…

If you’re eating the right foods, in the right amounts – then there really is no need to count your calories. I don’t count calories. I eat in moderation and I make sure to get a wide variety of foods that come from mother nature herself. I don’t eat anything processed and I don’t eat anything with sugar in it.

There may be a valid reason you need to count your calories and that’s okay! But if you’re just looking to be healthy and happy – then all you need to do is eat food that is REAL, that comes from mother nature herself and that is not made or processed in a factory.

Does this mean you need to avoid dairy, meats, and pasta? Well, that is more of a personal choice. You don’t have to stop eating meat, dairy and processed foods — but you will be a lot healthier and more successful in your health related goals if you do. The idea is to keep it natural and sugar-free.SugarPoison

I’ve stressed this before in a previous post and I’ll stress it again because it is absolutely necessary for our understanding to be completely healthy. Sugar is a silent killer. It leads to an array of health conditions that have already killed millions. We feed sugar to our kids in mass amounts without realizing the impact it is having on them. There is this wonderful film (actually there is quite a few of them) that really puts it into perspective – and how dangerous sugar really is. It’s called That Sugar Film – it’s on Canadian Netflix right now. Educate yourself on the dangers of sugar, then find out how you can avoid it!

Making the switch is hard and huge. Some people think it’s too expensive, when really – I actually spend about $45 LESS a week on groceries and that’s to feed a family with 4 kids (sometimes 5 when my unofficial son is over – my oldest sons best friend who practically lives here lol).

But think of it this way (especially if you live in the United States) – if spending $45 less a week means spending thousands less a year on hospitals visits, medical testing, prescriptions – is it not worth it? The food industry WANTS to keep you unhealthy so that you’re forced to spend more money on medical expenses. Our reality is that our Western Diet is in bed with the pharmaceutical industry.

So, to avoid the medical bills, the stresses of killing yourself slowly and counting calories – help yourself out by eating foods with no labels, no packaging and no sidebar of nutritional information. Avoid the health complications of sugar in your diet.

This the how you stop counting calories and start living a healthier lifestyle. You’ll immediately notice the change in your energy levels. You’ll notice the groggy mental fog dissipate. You’ll even notice that you’ll begin to lose weight! You will feel healthier, your skin will glow. There is nothing but health benefits when you switch your diet to a mostly plant based diet. The science doesn’t lie. Educate yourself. Take the plunge! And if you need help, contact me! I’d love to talk to you about making the change!

Until next time.

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